Building relationships/finding solutions through better coordination

March 2021

What is MCES? The Missoula Coordinated Entry System (MCES) connects local agencies to the same comprehensive and responsive system to prevent households from entering the homeless system. This reduces duplication of services, provides data to improve outcomes, and prioritizes housing resources. It streamlines access to housing and other resources and leads to better outcomes for our entire community.

But what does it look like in practice? MCES begins when an individual or family experiencing homelessness connects to a local access point. They are linked to staff who are trained to listen, engage in housing problem-solving, complete an assessment of the individual or family’s level of vulnerability, and then connect them to appropriate resources based on their unique situation. It’s designed to center on the real-life experiences of each individual or family and respond to their specific needs. That kind of individualized response is critical to addressing the unique circumstances of people experiencing homelessness. To learn more about MCES, click here.

Reaching Home conducts trainings throughout the year to educate and prepare new staff and volunteers who will be using the Missoula Coordinate Entry System (MCES). Since June 2020, we conducted 7 Coordinated Entry System trainings for 75 people from several partner agencies. This is a critical ongoing task to ensure that our system maintains integrity and that we can continue to effectively support and find housing solutions for our unhoused neighbors.

What we’re up to

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Fostering physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth for Missoula’s youth.

Financial Stability

Removing obstacles and paving the way for hard working families to get ahead financially.


Working to ensure that everyone in Missoula has the tools they need to live a healthy life.