Montana Black Collective Missoula

Montana Black Collective Missoula

A grassroots Collaborative effort to dismantle racism and create community

United Way of Missoula County is proud to be the fiscal sponsor of the new Montana Black Collective Missoula.

Formed in the spring of 2020 during the racial tension that was gripping the nation, our members sought to find ways of reaching out and connecting to the black population in Missoula with an eye toward developing a sense of community and a defined support network.

To that end we met and determined that in order to move forward, we had to build a structured organization aimed at developing the community we desire alongside creating a sustainable platform to dismantle racism in our community

The Missoula Black Collective seeks to engage and empower people of African ancestry living in the Missoula community.  We are committed to stimulating intellectual, political, spiritual and social growth among our members.  And to the deconstruction of racism of all forms throughout the larger community.


Steering/ Project Committee

Marketing/ Communication committee

Focus areas (Impact areas):

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What we’re up to

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Fostering physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth for Missoula’s youth.

Financial Stability

Removing obstacles and paving the way for hard working families to get ahead financially.


Working to ensure that everyone in Missoula has the tools they need to live a healthy life.