Generations United

Generations United

Your legacy is important. How will you make sure our community is better off? With a Planned Gift to your United Way, you’ll know your legacy of helping our neighbors when they need it most continues into the future. Our Generations United giving society allows us to connect with and appreciate you when you include United Way in your giving plans.

Ways to Give

There are several relatively easy ways to make a planned gift to United Way. One of the easiest--and what many of our donors do--is to include a gift to United Way in your will (name United Way of Missoula County as a beneficiary in your will). This is called a bequest, and can be done when you create your will, or in a codicil (an amendment) you attach to an existing will. Please see below for sample language to use in your will. United Way partners with FreeWill to offer our donors the opportunity to create a legal will for free from the comfort of your home (online). Make your will today:

Other ways to make a legacy gift include making an outright gift of cash, appreciated stock or real estate. Check with your financial advisor and tax accountant for the gift options that will work best for your situation (you could even save some money on taxes with certain gifts). Some of our donors find they like to name United Way as the beneficiary of a retirement plan (IRA, 401(k)). Some like to give by creating or using a Donor Advised Fund (DAF), you can also make a gift through a Charitable Gift Annuity and receive payments for life, and some donors like to name United Way as the beneficiary of an existing or new life insurance policy. For more details on these kinds of gifts, please visit our partner the Montana Community Foundation These gifts could qualify you to leverage Montana's Endowment Tax Credit, so be sure to talk with your financial advisor or tax preparer to make the most tax-wise gift.

Generations United donors are invited to special events throughout the year, and are recognized in our Annual Report and other opportunities, so please let us know if you've made a Planned Gift to United Way. Contact Erin Wilkins at 406.549.6104 to learn more or get connected.


*This language is for illustration purposes only. Always consult a professional advisor or attorney when making or revising your will.

Residuary Bequest
Residue is the term used to describe the portion of an estate that remains after all debts, expenses, and specific bequests to others have been fulfilled.
“I give to United Way of Missoula County, of Missoula, Montana, Federal Tax ID #: 81-0287854, [all, or percent of] the rest, residue and remainder of my estate for its general purposes.”

Specific Bequest
“I give to United Way of Missoula County, Federal Tax ID#: 81-0287854, the sum of $___ for its general purposes.”

Donation of Real Estate by Will
“I leave the real estate described as follows: (property description) to United Way of Missoula County, Federal Tax ID #: 81-0287854, for its general purposes.”

Beneficiary Gifts for Retirement Plans & Bank Accounts:
Naming United Way of Missoula County as a beneficiary is a simple and powerful way to support the life-changing work of our organization without updating your will.
1. Contact your plan administrator or financial institution for a change of beneficiary form.

  1. On the beneficiary form, decide what percentage (up to 100%) you would like us to receive. Please list us as:
    Legal Name: United Way of Missoula County
    Address: 412 W Alder St., Missoula, MT 59802
    Federal Tax ID #: 81-0287854

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