Wildfire Ready Missoula

Wildfire Ready Missoula

United Way of Missoula County has teamed up with our community partner the Missoula County Office of Emergency Management to focus on reducing risk and catastrophic losses to resources and property on private land throughout Missoula County. This partnership provides homeowners the opportunity to reduce Home Ignition Zone vulnerabilities to wildfire through a cost-share program: Wildfire Ready Missoula. The homeowner pays the initial upfront cost of work, and is reimbursed for 50% of the total labor cost incurred. 


This graphic shows the zone around your home that will be better wildfire prepared.

Program Steps

The Wildfire Ready Missoula focuses on reducing the risk and catastrophic losses to resources and property on private land throughout Missoula County. Landowners are encouraged to be proactive to address hazardous fuel conditions on their property, reduce structure ignition potential within their home ignition zone and employ wildfire resilient principles to sustain a fire adapted home, property, and community. Priority for all project work shall be focused in the Immediate and Intermediate Zones first.

Find out more information about Wildfire Adapted Missoula County and wildfire resiliency, visit Wildfire Partners Missoula.

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"Hello, I want to thank the HIZ team for creating this opportunity for land owners to be able to afford to be part of the fire prevention efforts in our state. Not only does our property look great, we are greatly relieved to have this fire mitigation work done. Every summer we live in fear of fires.

Having the general fire prevention work done, by thinning and taking out mistletoe and thick brush in Pattee Canyon, has also helped us feel less anxious. The interconnectedness of private lands with state and federal forest makes this effort essential for saving houses and lives.

The eight man/woman crew from the Conservation Core were amazing. These young people worked hard and were fast and efficient every day for five days. They were polite, informative, trustworthy, personable and fun to be around. We are grateful to them and for your efforts at United Way of Missoula." - Anonymous Homeowner


"It has been a privilege to work with residents in Missoula County and provide them with a service that achieves ignition resistant communities. While land management agencies make steady progress towards restoring fire resilient landscapes, an equally, if not more important component, is ensuring homes and communities are prepared.

This program increases the chances of your home surviving an ember shower and provides safer opportunities for fire fighters when defending the home is possible. It is imperative that homeowner’s educate themselves and take action towards reducing their home’s ignition potential. 

This program helps achieve that goal while alleviating the physical and financial burdens of performing the necessary work." - Max Rebholz, Missoula County Wildfire Preparedness Coordinator

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