COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund

COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund

Our COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Fund—created principally to assist displaced service and tip-dependent gig economy workers who are jobless, temporarily out of work or working greatly reduced hours— has distributed more than $330,000 to date in the form of one-time grants of up to $400 per person. These grants quickly provided critical support to individuals with few resources – food service workers, bartenders, hair stylists, housekeepers and others – who faced challenges accessing unemployment benefits or who were ineligible for those benefits.

COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Request Has Closed

Unfortunately, our current assistance fund has been depleted and we are unable to accept any more applications for help at this time. United Way of Missoula County will continue to seek donations to the COVID-19 Emergency Fund. If that effort is successful, we will reopen the fund - it is recommended that you check this link regularly in the weeks to come.

We wish you the very best and hope that you and your family are healthy. If you need further resources or assistance please call 2-1-1 or go to

Information About Our COVID-19 Emergency Assistance Request

Fund distributions are prioritized for service workers or those in the gig economy temporarily out of work or working greatly reduced hours seeking assistance with rent/mortgage, utilities, food, etc. All requests must include proof of current or previous employment impacted by COVID-19. Once the form is received, staff will contact you by your preferred method to finish the request. Assistance is limited to a one-time-only maximum payment of $400 per individual. However, submitting a request for assistance is no guarantee that assistance will be granted.

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