The Team

The Team

United Way of Missoula County administers Missoula’s Recovery Friendly Workplace program as part of the Missoula Substance Use Disorder Connect collation.

The coalition is staffed by full-time coordinator Shannan Sproull, and part-time program support coordinator Kaitlyn Gaines.

Shannan Sproull has a B.A. in Psychology and M.A. in Counseling both from the University of Montana. She previously worked in substance use prevention for 10 years and has led the Missoula Substance Use Disorder coalition for the past two years.

Kaitlyn Gaines has a B.S. in Exercise Science and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Employed as a physical therapist for nine years, she has worked part-time for Missoula SUDC for the past two years. 

Shannan can help answer questions and connects coalition members to improve services in our community. Please email her at Kaitlyn can be contacted at

What we’re up to

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Fostering physical, emotional, social and intellectual growth for Missoula’s youth.

Financial Stability

Removing obstacles and paving the way for hard working families to get ahead financially.


Working to ensure that everyone in Missoula has the tools they need to live a healthy life.